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Ice Climbing Training 6 Week Preparation

Ice Climbing Training 6 Week Preparation

Ice Climbing Training? It is indeed that time of year. So let’s get this show on the road. I promised a few weeks ago to post my current ice climbing training program.

Ice Tool Chin-ups for Ice Climbing Training

Ice Tool Chin-ups for Ice Climbing Training

I know from previous years that six weeks of good hard work set you up for a much more successful and fulfilling season out on the ice. Ice climbing training is way worth a little bit of…

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Summit Success Progress Report

Summit Success Progress Report

So it’s been about a month now and it’s been really great. I’ve sold way more than I expected and it’s been a ton of fun answering questions and chatting with people on Facebook about this book. I finally got an awesome 5-star review and just today got a bump in Kindle sales that skyrocketed me into the #1870 position in authors for the Health/Fitness Genre. That’s amazing for not having run a…

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Building a polar bear #snowman

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Treadmill Training for Hills

Treadmill Training for Hills

Why would anyone consider treadmill training for hills?

Here are some of my favorite reasons:

  • Recovery from injury
  • Meeting specific goals
  • Controlled environment
  • Weather
  • Time
  • Local terrain

Let me take a few minutes to examine each of these reasons or excuses for treadmill training for hills.

Firstof all is recovery from injury. I myself am currently in this group. About a month ago I went for a…

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5 Keys to Self-Publishing Success

5 Keys to Self-Publishing Success

Self-Publishing Success Eluding You?

Most people have a story to tell, a book that they’ve been wanting to write, maybe since they were in high school or before. Every one I’ve talked to has no idea where to begin, what to do, how to get a book published. It’s amazing too because Amazon and B&N and Google Play are all great places to get your books published today.

Self-Publishing Success-a stack of books shipping out to eager customers

Self-Publishing Success-a stack…

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